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What To Know About DIY Credit Repair

Credit issues can be a major drag on your finances. The reality is that many people with poor credit have errors in their credit reports. By addressing those errors through credit repair, you can vastly improve your credit.

While a do-it-yourself approach to credit repair is certainly an option, it can be frustrating and overwhelming to go it alone. Getting some guidance is well worth it to avoid pitfalls.

That’s where we come in. At Madgett Law, we steer you in the right direction for repairing your credit. Our Minnesota-based lawyers are committed to standing up against powerful credit bureaus. We offer the value of the insight we’ve gained through decades of experience.

What’s Involved In Credit Repair?

Credit repair is the process of correcting errors in your credit report. It involves:

  • Reviewing all three of your credit reports
  • Contacting the credit bureaus to dispute inaccuracies
  • Following up to ensure that they take action
  • Going to court to enforce your rights, if necessary

While these steps may sound simple, they are rarely straightforward. It might take a detailed investigation to get to the bottom of what’s accurate and what’s not. What’s more, even if you have clear evidence of an error in your report, disputing that error with the credit bureaus can be a major headache and an uphill battle.

Beware Of Credit Repair Scams

Unfortunately, the credit repair industry is full of scams and unscrupulous businesses that will take your money and offer little to no value in return. The last thing you need when you’ve already dealt with financial struggles is to get taken advantage of.

Learn More About Your Credit Repair Options

If you’re not sure whether DIY credit repair is worthwhile, our lawyers can help you weigh your options. We offer free initial consultations and transparent packages.

In addition to fixing your credit report, we can offer step-by-step guidance on which credit-building strategies are right for you. We can even take the credit bureaus to court if they aren’t playing nice.

Please contact our office in Minneapolis to get started. You can call us at 612-470-6529.