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About Madgett Law Foundation

At Madgett Law, a Minnesota public benefit corporation, we care about what we do. Our lawyers are passionate about helping people fix credit issues, build solid credit and hold financial institutions accountable.

In 2021, we established the Madgett Law Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization centered on providing credit-related education and resources for the public. Based in Minneapolis, we aim to empower people to take control of their finances. We want everyone to have a basic understanding of their credit rights and the ability to enforce those rights.

What We Offer

Our foundation offers the following services for the general public:

  • Free credit consultation and analysis
  • Free guidance on how to dispute inaccurate credit reports
  • Free resources and education about credit-related topics

Our team includes attorneys, board members and outreach specialists.

Take Charge Of Your Finances And Credit

Many people don’t realize that credit errors are widespread. Approximately one in three credit reports contains inaccurate information.

Inaccuracies can hold you back from better interest rates and loan terms. They can even disqualify you from certain loans and credit cards. Inaccuracies can drastically impact your financial picture as a whole.

We help people take charge of their credit by identifying inaccuracies and holding the credit bureaus accountable for their legal duty to fix errors. We also instill healthy credit protection habits and provide guidance on strategies for improving your credit.

Start Building Better Credit Today

Take advantage of a free credit consultation by contacting us online. You can also call us at 612-470-6529.